How to Place a Retail Order through the PLCB Store System

Only a few of the wines in the Shiffrin catalog are available in stock in PLCB stores. If you wish to purchase any of our wines as a PLCB retail customer, you may do so through the SLO (Special Liquor Order) process.


Select a convenient PLCB store.


Give the following information to the PLCB store of your choice.

    Name of the wine (producer, varietal, vintage year)
    Code # for each wine (find # on our search engine)
    Bottle and case price.
    Unit size (750 ml is most common) quantity ordered.
    Quantity of bottles.
    Code # for Shiffrin Selections, Ltd. - #7879
    Your name, address and phone number.


      You will be required to make a a 10% cash deposit of the total cost of your selection at the time you place your order.
      The balance of payment may be made in cash or by Visa, MasterCard, Discover/Novus or American Express cards at the time you pick up the order.

Delivery: An SLO order will take approximately one week to process. The store manager will call you when the order has been delivered to the PLCB store.


    If you have questions about the ordering process you may call us at (610) 399-8911